Awards, Awards, Awards!

April 24

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Awards, Awards, Awards!

By Claire Charlton

The aim of My Expert Midwife was to develop products to help women in their pre and post-natal days. We knew that our products worked, but we couldn’t be happier - just 12 months after launch - to have numerous awards (tried and tested by mums) proving that you think so too! 

Last week at the Made for Mums awards My Expert Midwife’s Fantastic Skin Elastic won Bronze for ‘Best Skin Care Product’, No Harm Nipple Balm won Bronze for ‘Best Nipple Balm’ and Spritz for Bits was a finalist in the ‘Hero Health Product’ category.

We’re gathering quite a collection of trophies in our cabinet now. Not to boast - and there’s still room for plenty more - but here they all are:

Mother & Baby 2018 – Best Product for Breastfeeding – Bronze

LovedbyParents 2017 – ‘Best Maternity Product’ – Fantastic Skin Elastic - Silver
LovedbyParents2017 – ‘Best Maternity Innovation’ – Spritz for Bits – Silver
LovedbyParents 2017 –‘Best Innovative Maternity Product’ – Fantastic Skin Elastic – Silver

Made for Mums 2018 – ‘Best Skin Care’ product – Fantastic Skin Elastic – Bronze
Made for Mums 2018 – ‘Best Nipple Balm – No Harm Nipple Balm – Bronze
Made for Mums 2018 – ‘Hero Health Product’ – Finalist