Five uses for Spritz for Bits this summer

5 uses for Spritz for Bits this summer

With the BBC announcing that this week had the hottest day on record since 1995, we hope our last blog – how to cope with being pregnant in hot weather - is proving useful.

At My Expert Midwife, we want to give you all the best tools and tips to ensure your pregnancy is as comfortable as possible, so here are some more useful tips on using our unique Spritz for Bits this summer.

This ‘lifesaver in a bottle’ – as its often referred to by our customers – isn’t just for your ‘bits’. Spritz for Bits has multiple uses, especially in hot weather, and below you’ll find the top five:


1. Hayfever

Hayfever rashes can be hot and cause redness and itching. The witch hazel in Spritz for Bits helps to soothe and cool the rash and can be used quickly and easily.

2. Sunburn

Like the redness and heat of hayfever rashes, Spritz for Bits helps to cool and soothe sunburn and reduce redness. There’s also no limit to the amount of times the spray can be used. And, thanks to the multi-directional spray design, it’s perfect for getting to those hard to reach areas.

3. Swelling

Hot weather causes greater swelling in hands and feet, and this is made worse by pregnancy. The witch hazel in Spritz for Bits helps to reduce swelling and can also be safely sprayed on your face to help you to cool down.

4. Itchy Skin

You may find that your pregnant tummy becomes itchy when your body is warm. This is due to hormonal changes, as well as the effects of the heat. Using Spritz for Bits and Fantastic Skin Elastic in combination, as an evening and morning regime, will help to soothe the itching and cool hot and bothered bodies.

5. Sleepless Nights

Feeling too warm during the night can badly affect your sleep pattern. Spritz for Bits and Fantastic Skin Elastic applied before going to sleep - and Spritz for Bits sprayed over your body during the night if you wake up - will help you achieve a more restful night’s sleep. The lavender in both products will also help you to sleep.

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