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Covid-19 pregnancy, labour and neonatal information from Dr Emma Ferriman

Covid-19 pregnancy, labour and neonatal information from Dr Emma Ferriman

Covid 19 - information for pregnant women and their families This weeks blog is written for My Expert Midwife by Dr Emma Ferriman, MBChB, FRCOG, who is a consultant in Obstetrics... Read More

Adapting your Hospital Room for Labour and Birth

If you have chosen to have your labour and birth in hospital, the room allocated can often look very medicalised and distinctly unhomely. This, of course, can affect how comfortable... Read More
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Birth Partners

Choosing a birth partner is personal but choosing the right person can mean valuable support for your labour and birth. Don’t forget that you can have more than one birth partner to support you.

Labour and birth - your baby’s journey through your pelvis

Your body and your baby are uniquely designed for labour and birth. We often hear horror stories in the media about labour and birth being difficult, but the reality is... Read More
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Early labour or the latent phase

When labour begins it marks the end of your pregnancy journey and the beginning of a new and exciting chapter, parenthood. For some women labour can be quick, but for... Read More

Placenta - how will you birth yours?

Most people may not have given much thought to how they will give birth to their placenta during pregnancy, as the focus is on the birth of their baby. It is good to have an idea of what... Read More
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What is a doula?

A doula is a person you employ to support you during pregnancy, childbirth or the postnatal period. Most families have a doula throughout all these stages as you can develop... Read More

What is an assisted birth and why would I need one?

An assisted birth is a vaginal birth where you need a little extra help for your baby to be born. Assisted births means that forceps or ventouse is used to... Read More
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Recovery after a caesarean section birth

When caesarean sections, or C Sections, are necessary they save lives, however, this type of birth is major abdominal surgery and recovery time can vary from one person to another.... Read More

Bleeding in pregnancy - what could be the cause?

Bleeding in pregnancy can be quite alarming and frightening for women as it can indicate that your pregnancy could be having problems. This blog explains the possible causes of bleeding in... Read More
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