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Coping with a newborn in isolation

Coping with a newborn in isolation

Congratulations if you have just birthed your baby or are about to. This is a magical moment and feeling accompanied and supported through your birth as a mother in these... Read More

Self-care after the birth of your baby

The time following the birth of your baby can be one of stark contrasts. On one hand you can feel elated, empowered and in love with your newborn and, on the other, you may feel overwhelmed with the physical, mental and emotional impact of having a baby.
Self-care after the birth of your baby
premature babies newborn twins skin on skin

Premature babies - what to expect

A baby is considered premature if they are born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Around 60,000 babies a year are born prematurely in the UK and it remains the leading... Read More

First Aid for Babies and Young Children

Mum of 6 (including 2 sets of twins!) and founder of Mini First Aid, Kate shares her first aid tips for new parents:- When we get ready for baby to arrive, we often focus on the softer side; the... Read More
First Aid for babies toddlers children
tongue-tie tongue tied newborn

How will I know if my baby has a tongue-tie?

How will I know if my baby has a tongue-tie?  Parents have often heard of babies having a tongue-tie and may worry that this is something which might affect their baby at birth or in... Read More

Kangaroo Care for your baby

Kangaroo care is known to improve outcomes for premature babies and can be encouraged in neonatal units from as early as babies being born at 26 weeks gestation. Kangaroo care... Read More
Kangaroo Care for your baby
skin rashes nappy rash Eczema

Baby skin rashes

Everyone always imagines that their newborn baby’s skin will be wonderfully smooth and flawless. However, there are several different types of rashes that you could encounter on your baby’s skin, most of which are... Read More

As smooth as a baby’s bottom. How to keep your newborn baby’s skin healthy.

When your baby is born, they are making the transition from intra-uterine life (inside you) to extra-uterine life (into the outside world). Your baby is coming from a dark, sterile,... Read More
baby's skin bottom rash nappy
Christmas booties surviving baby newborn

Surviving Christmas with a new baby

Christmas can be hectic enough, without adding a brand new baby into the mix. If it’s baby’s first Christmas or your baby is due this Christmas period, take a step... Read More

Reflecting on our first Baby Show!

Last week, the My Expert Midwife team travelled to the capital for our exhibition debut - The Baby Show at Olympia in London! MEM OLYMPIA from Awakening Media on Vimeo.... Read More
Reflecting on our first Baby Show!