Top 5 Pregnancy & Postnatal Apps

Top 5 Pregnancy & Postnatal Apps

There’s not much that can’t be accessed, or achieved, on a mobile phone nowadays. Smart phones are a staple of most people’s everyday lives in the UK, and there’s lots of really useful content that can be accessed on them.

There are a number of apps that we recommend that can give women a whole host of useful information about their pregnancy at the click of a button.

We've put together five of our favourites for this blog post; it’d be great to know of any others that you’ve found useful.

This is an NHS physio app, designed to help you keep track of the all-important post-natal pelvic floor exercises. By effectively exercising your pelvic floor after birth, you are helping to reduce the chances of having bladder problems later in life. This app features expert advice from chartered physiotherapists, and includes guides to assist with the exercises.

Full Term
This app is a contraction tracker that helps you monitor how frequently your contractions are coming, and for how long. When you call your midwife or hospital at the point of going into labour, they will need this information to assess whether it's the right time to go into hospital, or to send a midwife out to you – providing vital medical information.

iHypnoBirth Lite
iHypnoBirth Lite gives you a taste of the immense relaxation that hypnobirthing offers, including a relaxation track that doesn't impose constant advertising on you, as others may! This ‘lite’ version is a free trial of the paid app, so you can experience the features before making a purchase. The app plays the user positive affirmations and relaxing music, with the aim to create a positive birthing experience.

Baby Tracker
This is a very useful app designed to help you track the number of feeds your baby has, along with the number of nappies filled. With breastfed babies, keeping track of feeding duration and intervals - along with the amount of wet and dirty nappies - helps your midwife assess for breastfeeding problems, and offers you peace of mind.

Pregnancy +
Pregnancy + is a tracking app which offers a visual representation of each stage of your pregnancy. NHS approved, and recommended by healthcare providers, Pregnancy + updates you with lots of useful information and images, as well as space for you to input and track your weight, appointments, kicks and contractions, and much more.

All of these apps are designed to help at some point during pregnancy or post-birth, offering digital methods of tracking and assistance. It would be great to know if you’ve used any of these apps, and what your experience has been.


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