No Harm Bum Balm

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Protects and softens your baby’s skin at every nappy change, helping to relieve soreness and redness

Most babies experience nappy rash at some point, if not regularly, which can mean soreness, redness and irritation.

This rich but simple nappy cream provides gentle, effective relief and protection, helps to prevent skin damage and soreness. Midwife developed and mum approved, this 100% naturally derived, ultra-smooth serum takes care of the delicate skin.

  • Contains only 5 ingredients, including medical grade lanolin for skin protection and calendula for soothing redness and soreness
  • Rich but thin serum that glides on easily without dragging sore skin
  • One-handed dispenser is hygienic and helps when managing a crying or wriggling baby
  • A little goes a long way!



  • Use at each nappy change, after baby’s bath or whenever you want extra protection
  • Apply a thin layer of the balm directly to a clean skin after each nappy change, or as required
  • Suitable for use with disposable and cloth nappies (we recommend adding a liner when using a cloth nappy, to avoid build-up on the fabric)
  • These natural ingredients can harden in cold temperatures, so stand the pump on a radiator or in hot water for 10 minutes and the contents will soften again
  • Once opened, No Harm Bum Balm can be used for 12 months

Don’t forget to add it to your hospital baby bag checklist, or ask for it for your baby shower!

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What else can you do to help a baby with nappy rash?

Most babies experience nappy rash at some point, if not regularly, which can mean soreness, redness and irritation so what else can you do to help? Our midwives recommend: 

  • avoiding soaps and wipes (just wash with water)
  • limiting baths, as this can dry your baby’s skin out
  • patting the area dry gently, using a soft towel, rather than rubbing
  • changing each soiled nappy or liner without delay
  • using slightly larger nappies for a few days, so there’s a bit of a gap to avoid chafing and so the skin can breathe as it heals 
  • letting your baby go nappy-free as much as possible until the nappy rash clears up



    Our nappy balm contains:

    • Medical-grade lanolin as a soothing, breathable moisturiser and a protective barrier against friction/chafing
    • Coconut oil for its deep moisturising and anti-microbial properties
    • Sweet almond oil to nourish and promote smooth, healthy skin
    • Sunflower seed oil for Vitamin E, to help nourish and protect
    • Calendula flower extract for soothing redness, irritation and soreness