10 Key Hospital Bag Essentials



At this incredibly exciting time you’ve probably got everything prepared for your new arrival in your home, and now the time has come to pack your hospital bag.

With lists to be found which vary from 5 to 50 items it can be difficult to know what to prioritise when packing so with 28 years of midwifery experience between them, the My Expert Midwife midwives share their advice on their 10 key essentials to pack in your hospital bag;

  1. Your hospital or maternity notes

By the end of your pregnancy you will be very used to taking these to midwife appointments and scans, but in the excitement of early labour do not forget to pack these – your midwife will need them.

  1. Pain relief

Many women want to keep an open mind with regard to what pain relief they will opt for during labour, but it is worth giving some consideration to things that you can take with you that will help to provide relief during labour. TENS machines and wheat bags offer effective pain relief for the early part of labour and allow you to stay upright and mobile.

  1. Spritz for Bits

The active ingredients in the multi award winning Spritz for Bits provides instant cooling and relief from pain, keeping you more comfortable and aiding a speedy recovery in the days after the birth of your baby. Click here to read other new mum’s experiences of using Spritz for Bits and how it played an instrumental part in their recovery and became their post birth essential!

  1. Comfortable clothes

Ensure you take comfortable, loose clothing that you can wear during labour, and an outfit for going home. Where possible, keep clothing and underwear dark. We’d also recommend flip flops rather than slippers as it tends to be really warm in hospital, coupled with the fact that most women find that their feet have swollen during pregnancy, and flips flops are quick and easy to get on.

  1. Baby’s First Outfit

You’ll want to have a going home outfit for your beautiful new baby, but don’t forget to also pack a woollen hat for straight after you’ve given birth. Wool will keep baby warm, which is so important as their heads will be wet and lose heat otherwise.

  1. Sports drinks, snacks or glucose tablets

Your body requires considerable calories during labour and needs this energy quickly, so drinks such as Lucozade sport, isotonic and carbohydrate or glucose gel sachets are essential. We know from research that preventing women taking adequate calories during labour can slow down contractions and the progress of labour.

  1. Lip Balm

Many women find that they get dry lips during labour, so make sure you pack a lip balm in your bag. Our No Harm Nipple Balm can double up as a lip balm as well as being an absolute essential if you’re planning on breastfeeding.

  1. Battery pack charger for phone/tablet

Some hospitals don’t allow you to use their power points so these give up to 3 full charges for your phone. There will no doubt be a lot of people to contact and photos to take! You might also want to play music during labour so you might want to prepare a playlist.

  1. Your own pillow

Hospital pillows are not the comfiest and tend to be in short supply. Taking something from home also introduces your baby to comforting smells and friendly bacteria, and will help to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed while in hospital.

  1. Toiletry Bag

Pack your usual toiletry bag but don’t forget the things you’ll need to pack last minute such as toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant. It’s also useful to pack a hair tie or hairband to keep your hair off your face during labour, and a flannel so you can wash if you aren’t able to shower straight away. You’ll also need to remember to pack sanitary pads and breast pads.


Once your bag is packed you’ll also need to pack a bag for your baby, and for your birth partner in case you stay in hospital longer than you planned. As well as selling our products separately we also have a Mum To Be Gift Set which combines the multi award-winning Spritz for BitsFantastic Skin ElasticPeri Prep your Bits and No Harm Nipple Balm, and comes beautifully wrapped in a white cotton drawstring bag which is ideal for popping in your hospital bag.


Photo credit @mrscplusthree /Instagram