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how do they work?

  • Our webinars are 40 - 60 minutes and are delivered live by registered midwives wherever you are, at home, in the garden or even in your lunch hour.

  • Whilst classes aren't interactive you will have the opportunity to submit questions during the webinar for answer at the end.

  • They can help you gain more information into maternity related topics such as Perineal Massage, Elective Caesareans, Colostrum Harvesting and Birth Partners.

  • You will need to make sure you have a digital device (smartphone/laptop/tablet), Zoom downloaded and internet access.

perineal massage

Did you know that doing perineal massage during pregnancy you can help reduce the chances of tearing or needing an episiotomy during your birth? Around 9 out of 10 first time mums and 7 out of 10 mums having subsequent births will have some type of damage to their perineum after a vaginal birth. The perineum is the skin and muscular area between your vagina and anus (your back passage) which stretches during childbirth.

Join our webinar to learn more about perineal massage and how to reduce the risk of tearing or an episiotomy during birth.

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colostrum harvesting

Colostrum is the first breastmilk that your baby receives after being born when breastfeeding. It is high in calories and full of antibodies to help develop your baby’s immune system. Collecting and storing colostrum, from around 36/37 weeks of pregnancy can be a great back up plan if baby doesn’t breastfeed well initially. Colostrum can be frozen and stored, then defrosted when needed. It can be a great help if your baby takes a little longer to breastfeed after birth or if more regular feeds are advised, for example, for regulating baby’s blood sugars if mum had gestational diabetes or if baby needs special care.

Join our webinar to learn about techniques for hand expressing colostrum, how to collect it and how to store it.

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birth partners

Supporting someone you love through the birth of your baby or your loved ones baby, is going to be one of the most important times of your life. You have such an influential part to play, so that means being prepared and knowing what you can do to be the best birth partner ever!

Understanding the ways that birth partners can provide physical and emotional support can increase the chance of labour going well and can even reduce the distress that may be experienced if things don’t go to plan. A good birth partner can turn a straightforward birth into a magnificent and life changing experience!

Join our webinar to learn more about how you can be the best birth partner possible!

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elective caesareans

For many women, having a baby by caesarean section (c-section) may be the first time you will have surgery, but even if it isn't the thought can still seem daunting. This webinar has been developed by our expert midwives to give you a greater understanding of what happens before, during and after a planned c-section, so you know what to expect and how you can personalise your birth experience and plan for your recovery.

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caring for your newborn – the first day

Having a baby is a life changing event – a baby is born and so are the parents.

Our webinar will take you from their first breath and the benefits of skin-to-skin contact for feeding, the microbiome and bonding, to what cues and clues your baby displays to indicate their needs in the early days. We also cover a range of practical tips including how to change nappies and different techniques to help your baby burp.

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caring for your newborn – the first weeks

Those first days and weeks getting to know your baby can be joyful but equally daunting.

Join this webinar to increase your understanding and self-belief. We outline how breastmilk alters to suit your baby and how to responsively feed your baby formula. We include safe sleeping and suggestions for settling baby. We explain what to look for in a nappy plus when and how to bath your baby. You will also learn the difference between what is ‘normal’ and what are signs of concern, who to contact and to trust your instincts.

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becoming a grandparent

Wow – things have really changed since having your own children!

So, we decided to create this webinar especially for you – the soon to be grandparent – so to begin we just want to say - congratulations!

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postnatal recovery following a vaginal Birth

Baby is here, but let’s not assume you will bounce straight back. It takes around two weeks for your uterus to shrink back into the pelvic cavity and you may bleed for up to 6 weeks.

This webinar will cover what to expect during the early weeks of recovery following a vaginal birth. Birthing with or without stitches, can leave you feeling tender, bruised, and sore, so we cover how to care for your perineum, and how to gradually strengthen your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. We will focus on the importance of the ‘baby moon’ and offer practical advice on how to make the transition into family life easier.

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postnatal recovery following caesarean section (C-Section)

Over 25% of all babies are born via C-Section. This webinar covers your post-operative care and recovery which on average takes about 6 weeks to feel more yourself again.

We explain the healing process, wound care, what to look out for and when to report a concern. We look at practical tips on making life easier in your home and securing and accepting the extra help you might need as a family, whilst caring for your baby. Finally, we’ll talk you through when its best to resume activities such as driving, lifting and physical exercises.

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breastfeeding part 1 – preparation and the early days webinar

In this webinar we talk you through how your body prepares to breastfeed your growing baby and discuss the amazing properties of breastmilk - it’s not just food it’s medicine!

We explain why skin-to-skin contact at birth is so important, and how frequent feeds in the first day’s help get things off to a good start. We demonstrate how to comfortably latch your baby on for a feed and take you through a range of feeding positions, which can build confidence. We also explain what to do if you experience issues such as soreness.

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breastfeeding part 2 – challenges and practical tips webinar

You managed the first days – fantastic! This follow-up webinar explains how to cope with common scenarios and the not so common issues, such as engorgement, pain, plugged duct, mastitis, and thrush. Thankfully, all are easily rectified with help and support.

We cover going back to work and give practical tips for pumping and storing your milk. We discuss stopping breastfeeding when you feel it is time to wean your baby off the breast – it’s your decision. We can point you to further sources of support in your area, so you never feel alone.

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