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Birth Plans

The foundation for optimising your maternity care is to prepare for everything about labour, birth, life with a newborn and your recovery.  There is so much information available, but where do you start? Starting to research antenatal classes from week 24 will give you plenty of time to find one that gives you the best evidence and advice. Part of your planning may also include building a birth plan and understanding what your choices are. Our midwives have created and collated  lots of information and tips that will help you start thinking about what is right for you.

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Antenatal classes will help you to gather all the knowledge you need for labour, birth and your journey into parenthood

Our classes are taught exclusively by registered midwives: experts in every area of maternity care. What you will learn is modern, evidence based, practical and anti-fluff whilst still being fun. We offer a variety of classes for you to choose from, whether you're new parents-to-be or frequent flyers.

our foundation antenatal classes This six hour class is split into four 1.5 hour sessions, developed to prepare you and your birth partner for labour and birth.

our supplementary classes Exploring in greater detail how to optimise your postnatal recovery and care for your baby, including responsive feeding - be it breast or formula.

our webinars Join our 40 - 60 minute webinars delivered by registered midwives wherever you are, at home, in the garden or even in your lunch hour. They can help you gain more information into maternity related topics such as Perineal Massage, Gestational Diabetes, Colostrum Harvesting and Birth Partners.

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What to expect from an online antenatal class

The majority of Antenatal Classes are now conducted online, you may be used to video calling by now or it may still make you feel nervous or uncomfortable however, it is really important you empower yourself with the right knowledge to prepare for birth through antenatal classes.

Researching antenatal classes is important; making sure they are run by experts in birth, they are run in small groups so you they are interactive and you can ask questions and you will be in a class with other people at a similar stage to you in your pregnancy journey.

Some of the key topics you should cover in an antenatal class are:

  • Planning: Making a birth plan, decision making & packing your hospital bag
  • Labour: How does labour start, key hormones, all stages of labour, birth & what to expect with induction of labour
  • Birth: Natural and medical pain relief, caesarean birth & birth environment
  • Recovery: Delivery of the placenta, the golden hour & preparation for postnatal recovery

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Discover more 'how to guides' with our expert midwives

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  • Benefits of Perineal Massage and how to do it
  • Preparing your hospital bag
  • Prioritising your recovery after birth
  • How to colostrum harvest + breastfeed

Download your FREE Pain Relief guide

This FREE downloadable mini guide is written by our expert midwife Karen McEwen, formatted to be read easily on your mobile, covering the many types of pain relief that is available to help you understand the difference between non-pharmalogical and pharmalogical pain relief, so you can feel empowered to make the right choices for yourself when you’re in labour. Dowload yours now.

Building your birth plan 

Once you have gained the information from your antenatal classes, you can use it to make your birth plan. This will map out and inform those caring for you about what matters to you and what you want during your birth and recovery period. To help you think about what to include and how to build your plan, watch the video of our in-house midwives, who have lots advice and tips.

Spritz for Labour

Sometimes awaiting the arrival of your baby can make you anxious or stressed, and this is more common during the end stages of pregnancy, during labour and the transition phase.

Our midwives understand that these feelings can be overwhelming, and so have developed Spritz for Labour. This spray is a blend of pure essential oils, Frankincense and Geranium which are known for their calming and grounding properties, and Orange oil to bring focussed energy, which will help you overcome feelings of nervousness, so you feel more centred and in control.

This is an essential to add to your hospital bag checklist.