Prioritising your recovery

At My Expert Midwife, we want to empower women with the information to make the right choices, and to help make recovery following childbirth as easy and pain-free as possible.  Our expert midwives recognise that self care is an essential part of birth recovery and should not be seen as a luxury, allowing yourself time to heal and recover after childbirth is not often prioritised or talked about in detail either. Here are some top tips and blogs written by our team of inhouse midwives to help you prepare and recover.

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Those first few post-partum baths

Our Co-founder and registered midwife, Lesley Gilchrist, advises that finding time to take a 10 minute warm bath in those first few days and weeks after childbirth should be an essential part of a new mother’s postpartum recovery routine, particularly after an episiotomy or tearing during birth, as this can help to ease pain, promote healing, and give good hygiene to the perineal area

At My Expert Midwife we are here to help you with our 5 steps to prepare and recover from childbirth, Step 4 is about prioritising your recovery, and remembering that your self care, post partum is just as important as looking after your newborn, and will help you to recover quicker both physically and mentally.

  • Make and freeze nutritious but easy meals to save time
  • Make sure you have aids to help you recover such as pain relief, heat packs, perineal spray, nipple balm and a nursing cushion
  • Be sure to have a regular part of the day where your partner or family helps with baby so you can take some time out to relax

To find out more about our 5 steps on how to prepare and recover from childbirth, follow this link.

Looking after your emotional recovery

The psychological effects of birth can also be difficult and birth trauma is more common than you might think. If you or your family or friends are suffering from issues related to your mental health during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, Pandas Foundation UK is a charity which is there to help. Our customers have helped to raise over £5,000 so far.

Birth Recovery Duo

After childbirth, bruising, swelling and soreness of the perineum and the surrounding area are common. This midwife developed unique duo is a must-have to help aid post birth recovery of the perineum. Our mother and baby Gold award winning Spritz for Bits provides instant relief, and our NEW Soak for Bits is a must have to add to your bath after baby is born, to aid recovery and soothe aching muscles and bruising. Packed with pure essential oils with anti-bacterial, soothing and protecting properties.  This Birth Recovery Duo saves you 20% when bought individually these are a post birth recovery essential.