Spritz For Bits

Reduces infection rates

Insert: The research generated by MEM Feedback from product users

Used for: perineal area, tears, episiotomies, grazes, soreness, caesarean section scar and other sore areas on the body

Women consistently report back that this product has helped them tremendously to cope with perineal trauma sustained after birth, as well as for wound and skin healing on their caesarean section scars

Properties of the essential oils

  • Tea tree oil - this has well known antiseptic qualities as well having anti-inflammatory properties
  • Lavender oil - calming and soothing lavender oil has the ability to promote skin healing and regeneration

Properties of the ingredients

  • Castor oil - impressive anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve pain and discomfort of skin problems. It is anti microbial and also has the ability to reduce swelling
  • Vitamin E - has antioxidants that help to strengthen the skin and improve elasticity
  • Witch hazel compound - reduces skin sensitivity and irritation. Able to contract tissues and reduce skin inflammation
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