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As the name suggests we are your expert midwife helping you tackle the physical and emotional side effects of pregnancy, birth and recovery, your new parent journey, and helping you expertly care for your newborn.

Everything we do is developed by our in-house team of midwives from our award-winning natural skincare products to all of our evidence based empowering blog content, resources and antenatal services.

Every product is developed to solve a genuine problem that our midwives have identified through their experience of caring for women and parents to be.

We pride ourselves on thinking of everything too, including the packaging which delivers no-fuss, no mess application, from one handed pumps to upside down sprays, and we aim to be as sustainable as we can possibly be, and we will continue to improve all the time.

Our formulations are carefully blended with natural, high quality, proven ingredients that are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding and included at the recommended levels to soothe and calm soreness and relive many symptoms commonly experienced.

What is more important we believe in providing a 360 approach to solving a problem, for every product we launch you will find a wealth of how to resources from our free guides, checklists, blogs to our popular e-books and webinars.

meet the team

Lesley's story

Hello, I’m Lesley Gilchrist, a Registered Midwife and co-founder of My Expert Midwife which I launched in 2016 with my business partner, Claire Charlton a massage specialist.

Pregnancy and birth always fascinated me, so becoming a midwife was inevitable. I trained as a midwife in Newcastle and qualified in 2003 and immediately felt at home in my first job as a midwife. It was only when I became pregnant for the first time that I truly realised what women genuinely needed to help them during pregnancy; and understood what early parenting is like; the challenges and rewards. For me, my abiding memory was the first week and what an affect that pain had on my recovery; nothing seemed to work.

Fast-forwarding to 2013 and struggling to manage juggling 2 young children whilst working night shifts in the NHS and studying for a master’s degree in Clinical Research Methods, I took the plunge and began offering private midwifery services and antenatal classes.

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midwives are at the heart of our brand

Working as a midwife is a huge privilege – you’re welcomed into an intimate, family unit where they disclose their deepest fears to you. The relationship is built on trust in your knowledge and skills and compassion in the support we give during a vulnerable time – we take their hand through the journey, supporting, signposting and caring.

So much is unknown to them and there’s so much conflicting information out there, both good and bad and that can be overwhelming, so being able to spend time with someone, helping them navigate all that information and to help them make decisions that they are comfortable with is why we do this job. As midwives we help them overcome that power imbalance, helping them to feel positive, calm and in control of their choices.

Every family is different, and every birth is different – it’s what makes this job so hugely satisfying

The Midwives at My Expert Midwife

our values

Midwife developed to solve a genuine problem

As midwives, we understand the real issues that women face during pregnancy, birth and recovery.; from physical ailments to emotional support, through to clear, unambiguous information. It’s what makes our brand so unique

Midwife expertise – always evidence based

Our team of experienced, highly qualified midwives are constantly reviewing new research, national guidance and advice to make sure that all our information is up to the minute, helpful, relevant and reliable. A trusted source of high quality, comprehensive information, My Expert Midwives offer a multitude of platforms: from videos, blogs, eBooks and guides, through to interactive webinars.

We care for you emotionally + physically

Our support doesn’t end when you buy a product. We pride ourselves on the care our Award-Winning Customer Experience Team offer, dealing with queries and concerns quickly and efficiently and offering access to our midwives if needed

We are always honest + straightforward

We understand that being pregnant or being new parents it’s difficult to know where to go for the safest and most reliable sources of information. We also understand how important it is for that information to be clear, concise and unambiguous. So, if the topic is really complicated, we’ll use videos and interactive platforms, such as webinars and Instagram Lives to really explore not just the how, but the why.

We also believe that no topic should be ‘taboo’, because we believe that by lifting the lid on these topics, and by discussing them openly and honestly, that it helps women come to terms with it and seek treatment #LetsBeHonest. Whether you want to know more about perineal massage or get to know your bits better we will get the conversation started.

Safety first

We understand that pregnant and breastfeeding women are extremely careful around what they put in and, on their bodies – we’re midwives after all, so we only use premium ingredients that are safe and effective for use in pregnancy and breastfeeding in all our blends.

As midwives, it goes without saying that all the ingredients in our product range, including our essential oils, are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

our promise

our promise to you

our commitment to customer care

Our commitment to customer care extends beyond our award winning products.

Our dedicated team is here to support you through your journey. Our thoroughly trained team offer expert advice, with midwife support, when you need a little help:

  • Contact us directly on 01423 649940 for any advice or queries.
  • Live chat, just interact with the red icon to chat with our advisors.
  • Contact us on advice@myexpertmidwife.com
  • We offer free standard delivery on orders over £20
  • We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours

Proud to support PANDAS foundation

We have partnered with the PANDAS foundation who help parents suffering with perinatal mental health challenges so they can receive the support they deserve, offering them hope and empathy.

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