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Our full range of pregnancy, postnatal and newborn baby products, developed by midwives and recommended by mums

  • Mum To Be Gift Set

    Perfect for your pregnancy journey right from the first trimester, through to birth

  • Pregnancy and Birth Duo

    This award winning duo includes Peri Prep Your Bits and Sprits for Bits, perfect for every mum to be

  • Birth Essentials Gift Set

    Perfect for labour and immediately after childbirth, a hospital bag must have

  • Pregnancy Sprays Essentials Kit

    Introducing our NEW range of 3 sprays to tackle the symptoms in pregnancy – nausea, lack of energy, struggling to sleep.

The Naked Truth

My Expert Midwife’s no nonsense range has safe and highly effective solutions to common pregnancy, birth and newborn baby issues, to make every stage of your childbearing journey an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Let’s be honest, many women will experience physical side effects from pregnancy and childbirth. From the early days of sickness and nausea, then having irritated and stretched skin, to perineal swelling and bruising and cracked nipples after birth, and not forgetting having a baby with a sore, red bottom, motherhood can be tough.

But don’t worry, we have a unique range of products, developed by midwives and approved by mums, with the ability to alleviate common irritations and conditions that pregnancy and childbirth brings.

Premature babies - what to expect

Premature babies - what to expect

A baby is considered premature if they are born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Around 60,000 babies a year are born prematurely in the UK and it remains the leading... Read More

Early labour or the latent phase

When labour begins it marks the end of your pregnancy journey and the beginning of a new and exciting chapter, parenthood. For some women labour can be quick, but for... Read More
Early labour or the latent phase
How can I get more sleep during pregnancy?

How can I get more sleep during pregnancy?

Whether you are a first-time mum or a mum to be, it is definitely not uncommon as a midwife to hear pregnant women describe their difficulties with trying to get... Read More

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