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find out more about our antenatal classes

  • Our classes are taught exclusively by registered midwives: experts in every area of maternity care. No one has more experience with the pregnancy and parenting journey than midwives.

  • Midwifery is a highly regulated profession ensuring unparalleled knowledge and experience.

  • You can feel confident that the information provided is well rounded and evidence based.

  • You’ll meet and form friendships with other parents-to-be who will be a source of support both during and after your pregnancy.

  • Parents-to-be in your class will be at a similar point in their journey to you, enabling you to develop a supportive friendship network.

online antenatal classes

Developed to prepare you and your birth partner for labour and birth. Our online class is made up of 4 sessions with each weekly session being held on the same day and time every week for the 4 week period.


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breastfeeding workshop

Our Breastfeeding wokshop will provide the foundation for all your breastfeeding needs and give you confidence in your ability to breastfeed. This class is a single session which lasts 2 hours.

The class will cover:

  • how your body prepares for breastfeeding
  • how to latch successfully
  • what you can do to avoid fewer problems
  • going back to work – practical tips


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caring for your newborn workshop

Our caring for your newborn workshop will provide the knowledge required to confidently care for your newborn baby. This class is a single session which lasts 2 hours.

The class will cover:

  • baby’s basic needs
  • the microbiome
  • the golden hour, skin-to-skin and first feed
  • how to recognise baby cues
  • practical tips on nappy changing, winding and bathing your baby


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Why choose us?

- What you will learn is modern, evidence based, practical and anti-fluff whilst still being fun. Replacing the anxiety about the unknown of childbirth with the excitement and anticipation of your birth, helping you to enjoy your journey.

- We will prepare you and your birth partner for the reality and variety of childbirth and early parenting so that you have the information and knowledge about the journey to come.  

- Our classes are taught live and are interactive, you will leave confident in being able to make the right decisions for yourself and your baby during both pregnancy and birth.