Essential Items for your Hospital Bag - Checklist

What Should I Pack?
The Hospital Bag Checklist:

Ideally your hospital bag should be packed and ready to go before 37 weeks of pregnancy. The list below is in addition to the standard list of everyday items that you’ll need. If you don’t know what to pack, you can find a comprehensive list of general items in a recent article we wrote for Gurgle Magazine.

Your hospital or maternity notes

    Please, please do not forget those – your midwife will really need them.

    Lip balm

    There’s no need to buy a separate lip balm, nipple balm, such as No Harm Nipple Balm, will work far more effectively so there’s no need to double up on things.

    Spritz for Bits

    My Expert Midwife’s hero product, and fast becoming the number one addition for hospital bags.

    It's active ingredients will provide instant cooling and relief from pain, keeping you more comfortable in the days after the birth of your baby.

    A woollen hat for baby

    Wool will keep baby warm, which is so important as their heads will be wet and lose heat otherwise

    Battery pack charger for phone/tablet

    Some hospitals don’t allow you to use their power points so these give up to 3 full charges for your phone

    Your own pillow

    Hospital pillows are not the comfiest and tend to be in short supply. Taking something from home also introduces your baby to comforting smells and friendly bacteria

    Your own birthing ball

    Again, these can be in short supply in hospitals and may not be the correct size for you. If you deflate it beforehand it will make it much easier to transport, just remember to bring the pump

    Flip flops

    It’s really warm in hospital and most women find that their feet have swollen during pregnancy. Flips flops are quick and easy to get on and help to protect your feet from any germs on communal floors

    Sports drinks

    Your body requires considerable calories during labour and needs this energy quickly, so drinks such as Lucozade sport, isotonic and carbohydrate or glucose gel sachets can be really useful. We know from research that preventing women taking adequate calories during labour can slow down contractions and the progress of labour.

    TENS/Wheat bags

    Both TENS machines and wheat bags offer effective pain relief for the early part of labour and allows you to stay upright and mobile. TENS machines can be hired through large maternity retailers and wheat bags, especially those with lavender, can be heated to the required temperature in the microwave. We’d advise checking that your local labour ward offers this facility

    Your birth partner

    Your birth partner will also need a hospital bag for food and other supplies, especially if you’re having your labour induced, which would normally make a stay in hospital longer.

    • Change of clothes
    • Toiletries
    • Food, drinks and snacks. Not all hospitals have 24 hour restaurant services or retailers


    Now your hospital bag is packed, find out what makes a good birth partner.

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