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Breastfeeding can be extremely rewarding, but during those early days some women may encounter problems. Our expert midwives have brought together advice and tips which you can use from pregnancy to those early days and weeks of being a new mum, helping you to feel like you again.

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At My Expert Midwife we want to provide you with useful tools and information to overcome possible challenges in the early days of breastfeeding.

  • Hand expressing or colostrum harvesting can be started from 36/37 weeks of pregnancy, to give you a head start
  • The first hour after birth can often be when your baby is most receptive to feeding, try to get uninterrupted skin to skin time to help this process
  • Ask family members and friends who breastfed to share their stories about what worked and didn’t work for them, so you can try different techniques

To find out more on how to prepare and recover from childbirth, follow the link.

  1. Encountering problems in the early days of breastfeeding is common, but many can be resolved with advice and support (see below for support services)
  2. Hand expressing or colostrum harvesting can be started from 36/37 weeks of pregnancy
  3. Baby wearing can help your baby to have easier access to breastfeeding
  4. Investing in a well-fitting nursing bra can help to prevent problems such as blocked milk ducts and/or mastitis.
  5. Up to 10% of babies can have some form of tongue-tie when they are born, this may affect their ability to breastfeed

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Do you want to get your breastfeeding journey off to the right start?

Why not book onto one of our midwife led breastfeeding live webinars?

Breastfeeding is something we often don’t know enough about before having a baby.

In our Breastfeeding: preparation + the early days webinar, we talk you through how your body prepares to breastfeed your growing baby and discuss the amazing properties of breastmilk - it’s not just food it’s medicine! Click here to book your place

In our follow up webinar Breastfeeding: challenges and practical tips webinar, we explainshow to cope with common scenarios and the not so common issues, such as engorgement, pain, plugged duct, mastitis, and thrush. Thankfully, all are easily rectified with help and support. Click here to book your place

Want learn more about colostrum harvesting?

Colostrum is the first breastmilk that your baby receives after being born when breastfeeding. It is high in calories and full of antibodies to help develop your baby’s immune system. Collecting and storing colostrum, from around 36/37 weeks of pregnancy can be a great back up plan if baby doesn’t breastfeed well initially.

We offer live webinars on colostrum harvesting that are delivered by our registered midwives, these 40-60 minute classes will help you learn about techniques for hand expressing colostrum, how to collect it and how to store it.

To book your place click HERE.

Available Support

If you are struggling with breastfeeding there are local and online resources available

  • La Leche League provide meetings with other breastfeeders (currently on zoom), online, telephone or text support.
  • Baby Cafe offer support remotely, put in your postcode to find what is available close to you.
  • Breastfeeding network have helplines and an online chat facility.
How to hand express
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