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Self Care in Pregnancy and Birth during COVID-19

Self Care in Pregnancy and Birth during COVID-19

Author: Debs Neiger Independent Midwife.      These are scary, worrying, weird times for the birthing population worldwide. Mentions of viral spread, illness and death are omnipresent. Most of us... Read More

Covid-19 pregnancy, labour and neonatal information from Dr Emma Ferriman

Covid 19 - information for pregnant women and their families This weeks blog is written for My Expert Midwife by Dr Emma Ferriman, MBChB, FRCOG, who is a consultant in Obstetrics... Read More
Covid-19 pregnancy, labour and neonatal information from Dr Emma Ferriman
Nadine Mulkerrin - My Motherhood Journey

Nadine Mulkerrin - My Motherhood Journey

Hollyoaks Actress and new mum, Nadine Mulkerrin opens up about the highs and lows of her journey into motherhood. Her candid and honest approach reminds us that whilst it isn’t... Read More

Self-care after the birth of your baby

The time following the birth of your baby can be one of stark contrasts. On one hand you can feel elated, empowered and in love with your newborn and, on the other, you may feel overwhelmed with the physical, mental and emotional impact of having a baby.
Self-care after the birth of your baby
pets dogs Labrador pregnant

Pets, Pregnancy and Your Newborn

Your pets may have had your undivided attention before the arrival of your baby. They may be worried by unusual smells and sounds like crying from your baby and different noises made by new equipment in their environment. You could always ask someone to settle and change your baby whilst you spend time reassuring your pet, this way everyone gets familiar with having a new baby in the house.

Postpartum Bleeding

Postpartum blood loss can be different to a normal period. Everyone’s experiences will differ but being prepared for what to expect will help you to know the difference between a normal loss and when to seek help from your midwife or doctor.
postpartum blood loss toilet after birth
vaginal birth recovery mum dad tear

Recovery after a vaginal birth

Allowing yourself time to heal and recover after childbirth is not often talked about in detail. We can sometimes expect to be up and about and resuming normal life just a few days after... Read More

Recovery after a caesarean section birth

When caesarean sections, or C Sections, are necessary they save lives, however, this type of birth is major abdominal surgery and recovery time can vary from one person to another.... Read More
caesarean C Section Scar Stretch Marks
tongue-tie tongue tied newborn

How will I know if my baby has a tongue-tie?

How will I know if my baby has a tongue-tie?  Parents have often heard of babies having a tongue-tie and may worry that this is something which might affect their baby at birth or in... Read More

How do I prepare for breastfeeding?

There is plenty of information available for women and families surrounding breastfeeding and how to problem solve if difficulties are encountered. However, there is less information surrounding how to prepare better for the reality and practicalities of how breastfeeding can be.   We live in a... Read More
breastfeeding baby nipple mother milk