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The difference between adult and baby skin

The microbiome is one of your baby’s most important defence mechanisms, but do you know how to develop it effectively?

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The difference between adult and baby skin

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Skin is our largest organ and has several important functions.

Not only does our skin protect us from harmful bacteria, allergens, and chemicals, but it also supports water balance and helps to regulate our temperature, helping us to look healthier and more presentable.

As with other organs in our body, there are differences between a newborn's skin and a fully-grown adult's skin, and therefore the care it needs differs as a result.

What is skin?

All skin is made up of 3 distinct layers, all of which serve essential functions:

  • A fatty layer helps keep us warm.
  • A fibrous elastic layer supplies strength and flexibility and houses nerve endings, blood vessels, glands and hair follicles.
  • A thin, tough outer layer acts as a barrier and regulates what can and cannot pass in and out.

What are the differences between newborn and adult skin?

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