Episiotomy & Perineal Tears

With 28 years of midwifery experience between them, the My Expert Midwife midwives share their expertise on recovery from episiotomies and tears.

It’s a painful reality that most women will suffer from some form of tearing or require an episiotomy during childbirth. Multi award winning Spritz for Bits provides instant post-birth relief. Developed by experienced midwives, we have created a product to ensure you can spend less time recovering, and more time enjoying your new arrival.

mother kissing her newborn baby

Spritz for Bits for bits contains natural essential oils which can sooth perineal discomfort from episiotomies, tears, brusing and swelling. We have included lavender oil which relieves pain, tea tree oil which is reported to be antibacterial, and witch hazel to reduce swelling and bruising.

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Soothing and pain relieving, Spritz for Bits can also be used on caesarean section scars as well as the perineal area. Its unique formula complete with multi-directional spray allows easy, no fuss, application to the area immediately after birth, and can be applied as often as required.

The latest statistics suggest that around 9 out of 10 women with their first baby and around 7 out of 10 with subsequent births will experience some form of tearing during labour. Spritz for Bits has been created to provide instant relief for perineal soreness, bruising and swelling after childbirth.

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