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How can I get more sleep during pregnancy?

Whether you are a first-time mum or a mum to be, it is definitely not uncommon as a midwife to hear pregnant women describe their difficulties with trying to get... Read More

How can I boost my energy levels in pregnancy?

Energy levels in pregnancy can be extremely variable from person to person. During pregnancy hormone levels can play a part in how energised or tired we feel at times, depending... Read More
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sickness and pregnancy illness sick nauseous hot water bottle

Sickness and pregnancy. What can I do?

Feeling nauseous in pregnancy is very common as there are lots of changes, especially hormonal changes, occurring in your body. Up to 80% of women experience some nausea and/or vomiting... Read More

Essential oils

What are they? Essential oils are the compounds from individual plants, which are extracted by distillation (steaming) pressing the stem, leaves, flowers or roots. Each plant has unique characteristics and aromas... Read More
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bump shaming hold pregnant bump-shaming

Bump Shaming - What’s size got to do with things?

Bump shaming has been in the news recently, so we thought we would discuss some of the issues it raises within a blog. Whilst the size of your bump is,... Read More

What is an assisted birth and why would I need one?

An assisted birth is a vaginal birth where you need a little extra help for your baby to be born. Assisted births means that forceps or ventouse is used to... Read More
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Scans - when are they and what do they mean?

What is a scan? An ultrasound scans (USS) uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of your baby during pregnancy. The soundwaves are produced from a gel covered probe... Read More

How do I prepare for breastfeeding?

There is plenty of information available for women and families surrounding breastfeeding and how to problem solve if difficulties are encountered. However, there is less information surrounding how to prepare better for the reality and practicalities of how breastfeeding can be.   We live in a... Read More
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What is my pelvic floor?

Your pelvic floor is the collection of muscles and tissue which go from your tail bone at the back to your pubic bone at the front of your body. Both men and women have a pelvic floor and they essentially... Read More

Bleeding in pregnancy - what could be the cause?

Bleeding in pregnancy can be quite alarming and frightening for women as it can indicate that your pregnancy could be having problems. This blog explains the possible causes of bleeding in... Read More
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