Abdominal massage techniques

abdominal massage techniques

Our midwives recommend Fantastic Skin Elastic for abdominal massage, this rich, hydrating moisturising serum is specially formulated by midwives to soothe dry, stretching and itchy skin during pregnancy. 

The serum has been blended with grapefruit oil whose properties are known to help stimulate bowel movements so using it with abdominal massage can help if you're suffering from constipation or trapped wind which are common minor ailments during pregnancy.

You can try self-massage or engage the help of your partner by using a gentle circular bump massage. Watch our video and follow our guide here to learn how massage can help stimulate a sluggish bowel:

  • Lying down can be the most comfortable position for your bump massage
  • It is best to lie on your left-hand side from the middle of the second trimester onwards to avoid compressing blood vessels which run centrally through the body
  • Use a pillow to support your head and neck
  • Apply Fantastic Skin Elastic and use gentle, circular, clockwise massage around your bump
Top Tip

If you are constipated or have trapped wind you can also try light exercise, drinking peppermint tea and increasing fibre in your diet.