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Baby Sleeping Bags & Cold Weather

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Baby Sleeping Bags & Cold Weather

Keeping your baby warm in the colder winter months can seem tricky, and genuine concerns about heating bills and the cost of living don’t help matters.

Yet, your house doesn’t have to be ‘toasty warm’.

The recommended room temperature for a baby is between 16° and 20°C. For most people, this is cooler than they’d expect.

Research shows that babies are better to be cooler than too hot, as overheating increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Using a baby sleeping bag is a good way to

  • keep your baby at the right temperature during winter
  • prevent overheating
  • prevent your baby from wriggling underneath their bedding

all of which reduce the risk of SIDS.

TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) measures how warm the bedding is. Different ratings tell us which TOG is best for different room temperatures and seasons:

  • 0.5 TOG: hot weather/warm room temperatures of 24°-27°C (75°-80°F)
  • 1.0 TOG: warmer weather/rooms between 20°-24°C (68°-75°F)
  • 2.5 TOG: all year/standard room temperatures of 16°-20°C (61°-68°F)
  • 3.5 TOG: winter if the room temperature is below 15°C (59°F)

When using a baby sleeping bag check that

  • It matches your baby’s weight rather than age.
  • It’s the right TOG rating for the room temperature/time of year.
  • It fits well around the neck & shoulders, so your baby can’t wriggle down inside.
  • You’ve added an extra layer of clothing or chosen a higher TOG in cold weather. Covering your baby with extra bedding should be avoided.
  • You’ve read the manufacturer's guidelines included with the sleeping bag.

Remember, no hats in the house or in the car. Babies lose excess heat through their heads. If these are covered, they won’t be able to regulate their temperature and may overheat.

It is not advised that you put your baby’s cot next to a radiator or a heat source. Babies are unable to regulate their temperature or move away, so could potentially end up getting too hot.