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My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits
My Expert Midwife products with premium ingredients

We use only premium ingredients in our products, each carefully chosen for the benefits they offer. They’re all safe to use in pregnancy, and they all have a purpose – we never add anything that’s not needed.  

Most of our products contain natural essential oils. During pregnancy, these can provide effective relief for minor ailments and irritationsFor more detailed information on what they are and why they work, read our essential oils blog post! 


Bergamot  Stress-relieving and anxiety-reducing, this essential oil can soothe upset stomachs and help to relieve pain. 

Calendula – This essential oil moisturises the skin. It has recognised soothing properties which help to reduce soreness and redness. It can also promote healing for dry and itchy skin, which can be a problem in pregnancy. 

Eucalyptus   Eucalyptus oil helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It also increases blood supply to the skin, helping to ensure your skin gets the oxygen and nutrients it needs. 

Frankincense  This essential oil has a wonderful aroma. It can help to relieve stress and anxiety during pregnancy, and can be especially calming during labour and the transition phase. 

Geranium  Even the ancient Egyptians knew this essential oil was stress-buster. Its also known to relieve anxiety by encouraging the balance of hormones within the body. 

Grapefruit  Grapefruit oil can help to relieve constipation and restless legs, which can be a real problem in pregnancyIt’s also an ideal massage oil for soothing sore ligaments or neck and shoulder pain. Its known to be stimulatinghelping to promote vitality and energy and enhance mood. It can improve circulation and is anti-bacterial, too! 

Lavender  Widely recognised for its calming and relaxing properties, lavender oil can be helpful in treating insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression and restlessness. It can stop itching and ease the pain of minor burns, stings, swelling and bruising. 

Lemon  Lemon oil can help to tackle stress and mental fatigue, as well as helping to calm upset stomachs. 

Neroli  Neroli oil is from the orange blossom. It has a gorgeous fragrance and can help to reduce stress hormones in the body. It can also reduce inflammation and help soothe headaches. 

Orange  Orange oil is known for its relaxing and sedative properties, as well as being an anti-inflammatory. 

Peppermint  Well-known for helping to soothe nausea and calm tummy upsets, peppermint oil can help to boost energy levels and get your focus and concentration back on track. 

Tea tree  This has well known anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, and is anti-inflammatory. 



Argan oil  This moisturising oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to heal even cracked and broken skin. 

Avocado oil  This contains omega 9, which helps to improve skin integrity. 

Beeswax – Beeswax helps to increase the smoothness of the skin and to lock in your own moisture. 

Castor oil  Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties, can help to relieve the discomfort of skin problems and reduce swelling. It can help the healing process by moisturising and preventing the build-up of dead skin cells. 

Coconut oil  As well as having deep moisturising benefits, coconut oil has properties which can help with itching and rashes. 

Grapeseed oil  This oil contains vitamin E,  which helps to prevent damage to skin cells. 

Lanolin  Lanolin is an effective moisturiser, which also creates a barrier to help stop the skin from drying out, promoting skin integrity. As a lubricant, it also helps the skin to withstand friction. 

Sweet almond oil  This nourishing, moisturising oil has properties which promotes smooth and healthy skin. 

Vitamin E  Vitamin E helps to maintain healthy skin; it is moisturising, can help to protect and strengthen the skin and improve elasticity. It may also promote healing for wounds.