No Harm Nipple Balm

Helping to maintain skin integrity and moisturise dry skin

Women often experience cracked, sore and bleeding nipples during their breastfeeding journey. This may be due to incorrect latch and attachment, lack of help and support during the first few days after birth or different skin types- some being more sensitive than others. As some degree of soreness is experienced by so many women No Harm Nipple Balm offers a much needed solution to a common and painful problem.

Psychology of comfort

The benefits of breastfeeding are well documented and can have a positive impact both physically and psychologically for mother and baby. If discomfort whilst breastfeeding can be alleviated, it will be much more likely that a woman will continue her breastfeeding journey for longer. If pain and problems continue she will be more likely to stop breastfeeding sooner than she may have liked. Discontinuing breastfeeding sooner than planned can lead to feelings of disappointment in women, who often state that if there had been more help and support during this time they would have breastfed for longer. Women report that after using No Harm Nipple Balm they experienced relief from the pain and soreness of dry and cracked nipples.

Properties of the ingredients

  • Coconut oil - As well as having deep moisturising benefits coconut oil also has anti microbial properties
  • Sweet almond oil - This is nourishing and moisturising and promotes smooth and healthy skin
  • Lanolin - A natural emulsifier enabling skin cells to remain hydrated thus improving the skin’s integrity and ability to withstand friction
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