Morning Sickness

Pregnancy sickness and nausea is common in early pregnancy. It usually eases off after the first 12 -16 weeks but everyone’s experience is different and it can carry on into later pregnancy. It is often referred to as ‘morning sickness’ but it can happen at any time of day or night. Whilst uncommon, 1-2% of women, can experience severe morning sickness- hyperemesis gravidarum.

There is no quick-fix cure but our midwives have advice and tips that can help you manage and ease the symptoms.

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Top 5 tips on managing nausea

  1. Eat little and often as an empty stomach can make sickness worse.

  2. Steer clear of heavy carbs as these can increase bloating and constipation, try healthier alternatives such as rye bread, nuts and so on.

  3. Drinking peppermint tea can have a soothing effect, relaxing gastric muscles and reducing cramps.

  4. Try and rest and listen to your body, tiredness can make nausea feel worse.

  5. Inhaling essential oils in aromatherapy is said to stimulate the limbic part of our brain which can influence behaviours and emotions and can have a positive effect on how we are feeling. Try lemon oil to tackle fatigue, spearmint oil to calm the stomach, ginger oil to help relieve nausea.

When to seek medical help for nausea

Hyperemesis gravidarum is severe morning sickness and is diagnosed when you are experiencing continuous sickness and your health and ability to have a normal lifestyle is compromised. You should contact your midwife or GP if:-

  • You have tried self-help remedies and nothing has eased your symptoms.

  • If you are unable to keep down any food or fluids for 24-48 hours.

  • You are not passing any or very little urine and it is dark in colour.

  • You feel weak or faint and not able to stand up for any length of time.

  • For more information and advice visit the NHS website

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