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The best gifts for pregnant mum and new mum

Our midwives have made it easier for you to choose the perfect gift, by helping you to tailor it to her needs. 

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The best gifts for pregnant mum and new mum

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Knowing what to buy for someone who is expecting a baby, or for a new mum, can be a difficult task. Our midwives have made it easier for you to choose the perfect gift, by helping you to tailor it to her needs. Be the person who provides them with that gift without which they couldn’t have manage during this amazing - and challenging - time in their lives!

From the very start of pregnancy, through growing a baby and beyond, we have the ideal gifts to help new mums and parents make their journey a smoother one.

There are plenty of gifts available for mums-to-be and new mums but receiving a gift which is developed by midwives - and therefore expertly tailored to her needs for every step of her journey - can be, in our customers’ own words and feedback, “a lifesaver”.

From the early days of feeling nauseous and needing trusted ways of relieving this to help them get through day-to-day life, to knowing that we can also provide the perfect gift set to help her through labour and birth, and recovery after baby is born, our midwives have listened and understood what women want and need during these times to develop all our product range.

So, give her the gift which helps her to manage feelings of sickness and nausea, or cope with dry, stretchy skin so she can stop feeling itchy. Or she may prefer a gift that helps her to relax in late pregnancy with a much-needed massage, which she can also use during labour, or a gift to help her de-stress and recover after giving birth.

All our products are developed by midwives with years of experience supporting women and families to treat those ailments in pregnancy that make life more difficult.

Give a gift that you know is safe to use during pregnancy for mum and baby, as well as one which can make all the difference to her experience.

1st Trimester (0-12 weeks)

Finding out you are pregnant is exciting but can be clouded by feelings or sickness, nausea and tiredness. With over 80% experiencing sickness and nausea during their pregnancy, we developed a range of products to help ease these feelings, so life doesn’t have to go on hold. We have vitamin enriched Ginger Melts and a discreet Spritz and Rollerball with essential oils to combat symptoms.

Managing feelings of nausea can make all the difference to a pregnant woman’s daily life, especially in the early days when she hasn’t announced her pregnancy to the whole world yet. Our Nausea Toolkit, containing all 3 products, is the perfect gift for those in the early stages of pregnancy.

2nd Trimester (12-24 weeks)

Once the first 12-16 weeks of pregnancy have passed, feelings of sickness and tiredness reduce for most people. Thoughts can then turn to skincare as the body starts to stretch as it grows a brand-new human. Changing hormones and quickly stretching skin can cause tightness, dryness, stretch marks and itchiness. Our specially formulated Fantastic Skin Elastic smooths and hydrates skin, which helps to maintain its integrity and reduce the appearance of any stretchmarks. Expertly blended ingredients and essential oils provide a highly moisturising serum that targets pregnancy-induced dry and itchy skin, whereas grapefruit oil can help ease constipation, when combined with gentle bump massage.

3rd Trimester (24-40 weeks)

The finishing line feels so near but so far away! This can be a difficult time for her to manage both the physical and emotional symptoms of being heavily pregnant. Help her to target the common problems experienced during late pregnancy so she can push through to the birth. Our Labour Duo, which contains our Spritz for Labour and Labour Rollerball, and you’ve got yourself a perfect baby shower gift: one that will help her to cope during her labour and birth.

She may prefer our Just for Bits set containing our award-winning perineal massage oil, Peri Prep Your Bits, and Spritz for Bits, our multi-award-winning spray that helps combat soreness after giving birth. Perineal massage is a technique which can be practiced during pregnancy to help reduce the incidence of tearing during the birth. Alternatively, the Mum-To-Be Set contains our most popular products which she can then add to as her pregnancy develops.

4th Trimester (Recovery after birth and baby)

The new arrival is here, and life as they used to know it has changed forever.

Gifts during this time can often be baby-focused or based around flowers and chocolates but, what would really make a difference to the new mama? A woman can often feel forgotten after her baby arrives, yet her body has been through so much and is now in the process of recovery.

Nurture that new mum properly with our tailor-made products, developed by midwives who have spent many years understanding the best ways to help women through the postpartum recovery period.

Spritz for Bits is a multi-award-winning perineal spray, now recommended by women to their expectant friends and family. It not only eases soreness from a vaginal birth, but also provides relief when healing from a caesarean section.

Soak for Bits can be added to a postpartum bath to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. It contains premium Epsom salts to relieve muscle aches and pains from labour and birth, arnica to reduce swelling and bergamot essential oil to calm the mind. Perhaps more than at any other time, self-care as a new mum is an essential part of her recovery process, benefiting both her body and mind.

No Harm Nipple Balm is safe to use from birth and does not need to be removed before baby breastfeeds. It creates the perfect barrier to ease the tenderness often experienced during breastfeeding, helping to promote a more comfortable experience.

If you want to treat her to a great set of My Expert Midwife’s product range, then the Ultimate Collection contains almost everything she’ll need to manage the most commonly experienced symptoms during her pregnancy, her labour and birth and the post-birth period.