how well do you know your bits?

Did you know 83% of women feel more education about the physical changes that can occur to the vagina and vulva during pregnancy and childbirth is required? And two thirds of UK women (66%) believe there is social stigma around discussing your genitals during pregnancy and after childbirth!

Here at My Expert Midwife our dedicated team of inhouse registered midwives discuss this taboo subject with some honest, straight talking education and advice to normalise and remove the stigma! We will help you get to know your bits better as your body is changing, growing a brand-new life within it so you know how to care for them.

We will guide you through your bits so you know your vulva from your perineum, their function, importance, how to soothe them through pregnancy, how to prepare them for birth, what you can do during birth to protect them and how to provide the care your bits need to optimise your recovery after the birth.

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My Expert Midwife
a guide to your bits - get to know yours!

We conducted a recent Census study with over a 1000 women in the UK, we realised that lots of people were quite unsure about their bits, what they were, their location and their purpose and 75% of women believe the lack of education around women's intimate health means physical changes to the vagina and vulva during and after pregnancy are not normalised in society.

We thought it was about time we developed a much-needed information resource, dedicated to helping everyone to learn more about their bits, which bits are where, what bits do which jobs and generally to celebrate how amazing our bits are!

Here’s our simple guide to your bits (anatomy)

My Expert Midwife
trouble-shooting guide to your bits, from pregnancy through to post-birth and recovery!

Our expert midwife Malena Monteverde has pulled together a trouble shooting guide to help you identify changes and ailments to your bits through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Helping you understand the different changes and possible ailments that may happen to your “bits” during your pregnancy, your birth and your recovery will help you feel informed and able to distinguish what is ‘normal’ and when you may need to seek advice from a health professional. By “bits” we refer to your vulva, vagina, anus and pelvic organs. This informative blog covers:

  • Pregnancy - Discharge, piles, thrush, varicosities, urin